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GD-Graphic Designing


In Basic Graphic Design individual assignments are based on the elements and principles of design. Each assignment focuses on at least two elements. Students are made aware of their importance relative the each assignment and are quizzed accordingly. The course starts with a very simple black and white assignment and progresses into value, color theory and eventually covers all the elements and principles discussed in the syllabus. This course is based on the textbook used, David Lauer “Design Basics” as well as a “real world” approach to projects.

About Graphic Designing:

Nowadays graphic designing images are all around us. They are in different forms. The brand logos, images, the print ads, digital social media ads, they are all graphic design. How are these graphic designs made? The makers of these graphic designs are creative and innovative people who communicate different kinds of messages through graphic design images. With the fundamentals of graphic design, they are able to make sophisticated graphic designs. There is a process of developing a graphic design. First the designer gets an idea of in his mind. He then visualizes it and then puts it on paper. With the help of advanced graphic designing software, he is able to create an image on the screen. Graphic designing is considered to be a serious specialization field. There are top international graphic designing companies who offer their expertise to small and big businesses to promote their products and services. The graphic designing companies help them give their message across to their target market. If you want to master the art of graphic designing, you can enhance your graphic designing skills by enrolling yourself in a graphic designing course.

Scope Of Graphic Designing In Pakistan

With the advancement in IT the world is getting more and more digital. There are a number of graphic designing jobs in Pakistan. Top businesses and brands hire graphic designers to market their products and services on the internet. A graphic designer creates visuals and designs to promote a message. Graphic designers are creative and passionate experts who are able to give a message across. With their creativity and originality, they are able to draw attractive designs. You can work as a graphic designer expert for a company or you can start your own graphic designing business. You can also be a freelance graphic designer while staying at home. If you are serious about having a graphic designing career in Pakistan, it is best to enroll yourself in graphic design courses in Peshawar.

Why Do You Want To Become A Freelance Graphic Designer?

If you are a creative individual who has a passion to create visual communication, being a freelance graphic designer is a good opportunity for you. We see graphics everywhere and every day. Graphic designers develop advertising and print publications. They also create digital and media images. With the rapid increase in the advancement of the internet, the duties of graphic designers are increasing. There is a huge potential of growth for you.

Online Graphic Design Courses in Peshawar

Online graphic design courses in Peshawar teach you the fundamentals of graphic designing. You are able to create amazing images. Adobe Photoshop and Adobe In design are the most popular software developing apps which allow you to create the best designs. There is numerous other graphic designing software which these Online graphic design courses in Karachi teach you. You are able to be the top industry professional. You are able to get a handsome salary if you choose to become a graphic designer. The Online graphic design courses with certificates allow you to land your dream job.

Good Design Is the Best Source to Portray Your Message

Art is the best way to convey your message to the others. In modern world when computer has become the necessity of every home, knowledge of graphic designing has also gained importance to communicate with other people and to convey your ideas to them. It is vital to acknowledge that a good design is the best source to portray your message in the best possible manner to others and if you want to portray your message online then you must know the art of graphic designing especially if you are operating business online or want to make money online. If you are operatingonline business and know the art of graphic designing, then it will become easy for you to attract more customers to your brand. However, if you have learnt the art of graphic designing being an individual then you can make a lot of money by selling this art to online business entities.


  • Exploring the Photoshop Environment
  • Explore the Photoshop interface
  • Customize the Workspace
  • Explore the Navigation Tools
  • Working with Image Areas
  • Select Image Areas
  • Save a Selection
  • Modify a Selection
  • Setting Color Space
  • Calibrate and Profile your Monitor
  • Set a Working Color Space in Photoshop
  • Convert Image from one Color Space to Another
  • Manage Printing and Color
  • Enhancing Image
  • Print Strokes on an Image
  • Apply Filter Effects
  • Convert an Image to Black and White
  • Blend Layers
  • Merge Layers and Flatten Image
  • Convert Color Images to Grayscale
  • Working with Layers
  • Create Layers
  • Create Type Layers
  • Transform Layers
  • Alter T type Properties
  • Apply Layer Styles
  • Undo Previous Steps
  • Arrange and Group Layers
  • Saving Images for Web and Print
  • Save Images for Use in Print Application
  • Save Images for the Web
  • Save Images as PDF
  • Managing Assets with Adobe@ Bridge
  • Explore Adobe Bridge
  • Work with Adobe Bridge
  • Work with Stacks and Filters in Adobe Bridge
  • Apply Metadata and Keywords to Files
  • Preparing Web Images
  • Change Measurement Units
  • Reduce File Size
  • Creating Web Page Layouts
  • Simulate a Web Page
  • Create Web Page Background
  • Draw Editable Vector Shapes
    Create Effects
  • Export a Web Page
  • Enhancing Photographs
  • Retouch Photographs Using Photoshop Tools
  • Create Patterns
  • Create Swatches and Gradients
  • Create a Custom Brush
  • Create Custom Patterns
  • Creating Special Effects
  • Preview Text Effects Using Layer Comps
  • Warp an Image
  • Automating Tasks
  • Create an Action
  • Manage Action
  • Adjusting RGB Color
  • Meet Color Correction Objective
  • Locate Highlights Shadows and Neutral Areas
  • Make Automatic Color and Contrast Adjustment
  • Make Basic Curve Adjustment
  • Sharpening Images
  • Apply Un-sharp Images
  • Sharpen an Image


  • Exploring the Corel DRAW Interface
  • Setup Drawing Page
  • Corel DRAW Basic
  • Manage Workspaces
  • Customizing the Command Bar
  • Saving and Printing Drawing
  • Overview of Course Covered
  • Shapes and Lines
  • Basic Shapes
  • Working With Paths
  • Modify Paths
  • Adding Text to Objects
  • Overview of Course Covered
  • Colors

    Fills and Outline

  • Custom File
  • Custom Strokes
  • Drop Shadows
  • Modify Outline
  • Transform Objects
  • Overview of Course Covered
  • Working with Text
  • Format Artistic Text
  • Fit Text to a Path
  • Create Paragraph Text
  • Wrap Paragraph Text
  • Modify OCT Text
  • Importing Image Text
  • Insert Special Characters
  • Text Effects
  • Overview of Course Covered
  • Working with Objects
  • Modify Objects
  • Add Graphics
  • Add Clipart
  • Spray Objects
  • Overview of Course Covered
  • Styles, Templates Symbols
  • Working with text Styles
  • Working with Templates
  • Create Symbols
  • Overview of Course Covered
  • Layers
  • New Layers
  • Manipulate Layer
  • Overview of Course Covered
  • Bitmaps
  • Import and Adjust Bitmaps
  • Trace Bitmaps
  • Overview of Course Covered
  • Advanced Printing Options
  • Edit a Print Style
  • Merge Text with Drawing
  • Overview of Course Covered


  • Toggle English / Urdu
  • Tools
  • Ribbon
  • Status Bar
  • Rulers
  • Document Area
  • Scroll Bars
  • Cursors
  • Text Box
  • Title Text Box
  • Picture Box
  • Graphic Box
  • Line
  • Guides
  • Text Chain
  • Master Page
  • Entering Text
  • Character Attributes
  • Paragraph Attributes
  • Hyphenation
  • Borders
  • Style sheets
  • Text Wrap and Repel
  • Inserting Page Number
  • Inserting Inline Pictures
  • Inserting Tables
  • Importing unformatted and preformatted Text
  • Exporting Text
  • Find / Replace
  • Poster Design
  • ID Card Design
  • Banner Design
  • Logo Design
  • Boucher Design
  • Business card Design
  • Wallpaper Design
  • Menu Design
  • Icon Design
  • App Design
  • Flyer Design
  • Thumbnails Design
  • T-Shirt Design
  • Mockup Design
  • Letter Head Design
  • Stationery Design
  • Book Cover Design
  • CV Design
  • File Cover Design
  • Package Design
  • Mug Design