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Making the best of the environments and providing the supervision of the best staff members, we feel proud to have served the field of education for more than 7 years and are always determined to bring you the best services we can.

Who We Are?

The UKICSEL stands as a distinguished institution, providing exceptional professional education in the fields of languages, computer sciences, and personality development. With esteemed campuses in Peshawar. UKICSEL has solidified its position as a leading educational establishment. This introduction highlights the institution’s commitment to excellence through its quality management approach, comprehensive HR department, well-established and efficient departments, extensive 7-year history, diverse educational offerings, and unwavering dedication to corporate social responsibility.

Our Courses


UKICSEL, with its wide range of courses, is the first Institute of its sort with 500+ professional, skilled-based, practical, and theoretical courses on board. Under the supervision of a predefined constitution, the academy operates with the emblem of keeping professionalism on the top where there is no compromise on quality. The process and management are guided and supervised by professionally educated and trained managers who work unflinchingly for organizational betterment. UKICSEL provides students with a learning environment along with almost all the on-campus facilities that may boost students’ learning.