Brief History of UK Institute of Computer Science & English Language Peshawar

The need to establish a Computer Educational Institution for the people of this historical city was felt intensively since long and it led to the establishment of this Institute for all level Technology and Communication Studies in 2005. The main objective of the institute is students intellectual and moral grooming by which to develop an overall balanced personality of the students. Co-curricular actives about technology are equally paid special attention. The institute is affiliated with (BTE) Board of Technical Education, K.P.K and Skill Development Council Peshawar, Pakistan.

Founder Message

By the name of most merciful and almighty dreams of success become reality with passion for success.

I am delighted to share with you my feeling and experiences at UK institute of computer of science & English Language Peshawar. I am also glad to show you something of how we work to inspire you and help you realize your full potential both your time with us and when you leave and step up for higher education.

Prophet (P.B.U.H) said

“The seeking of knowledge is obligation for every Muslim”.


At UKICSEL, our vision is to establish a benchmark of excellence where our students emerge as trailblazers in their respective domains, empowered with the expertise and skills cultivated through our bespoke educational initiatives. We are committed to nurturing a dynamic learning milieu that champions innovation and fosters perpetual advancement.


At UKICSEL, our mission is to empower our students with the holistic skill set essential for academic and professional success. Our emphasis lies in fostering communication prowess, delivering accredited certification training, and providing cutting-edge technology education tailored to meet the evolving needs of today's workforce.


At UKICSEL, we cultivate leadership and professionalism among our educators, placing paramount importance on holistic student development and societal progress through innovative educational practices and collaborative partnerships.


  • Education devoid of the skills and capacities to impart it lacks purpose. Our mission is to afford individuals access to a qualitative education founded on principles of respect for individual dignity, professional ethics, and a nurturing environment conducive to growth.
  • A dynamic educational framework fosters productive and equitable collaborations that can stand on the global stage. Teaching and learning initiatives should aim at fostering innovation, cultivating leadership, and promoting scholarly research alongside its practical application.
  • The integration of technology as a regular and obligatory subject is imperative. Its strategic incorporation enhances the efficacy and efficiency of teaching, learning, scholarly pursuits, and outreach efforts to the local, national, and global communities.
  • Furthermore, extracurricular and interdisciplinary programs are tailored to enrich students’ learning experiences, fostering their growth and nurturing leadership qualities.
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